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MOBILE Customer Connect’s in-store analytics provides actionable insights into shopper behavior to improve store performance. MCC bridges the digital and physical worlds by building smart locations!
Location Analytics

In-Store Location Analytics

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Omni_channels Integration

Omni-Channels Integration

Location Analytics

In-Store Location Analytics

Real-time location traffic reports allow store management to make time sensitive decisions to enhance customer service and operations. Our customized industry reports present key decision makers with valuable information about store performance with details from the aisle level.


Location Analytics Implementation

Did You Know That…

An average shopper spends 15-35 min in the store and only 20-30% will buy something. This leaves 70-80% of your customers that you know nothing about.

Location Analytics

Customer Engagement

Target your customers based on time, location and customer profiles by sending indoor and outdoor Geo-Fenced Push Notifications. Build Customer Loyalty & Measure Engagement.

Lets Get Some Facts:

Customer Engagement Statistics
Location Analytics

Omnichannel Integration

Customer-centric businesses understand that knowing your customer route to a purchase is a key to success. No matter which route your customer will choose, MCC omnichannel platform will help you to expose their hidden paths and engage them with a personalized marketing campaigns.

Big Data

Your Customer Story

One upon a time there was a customer who just started his shopping journey…



Solutions Customized To Your Needs!

We understand that every industry has different demand and opportunities. Mobile Customer Connect analytic platform is specifically tailored to your business by providing accountable insight and solutions.

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