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New Era of Marketing

What is location based analytics? What gets measured, gets managed. Peter Drucker Mobile location analytics (MLA) is a type of customer intelligence (CI) that tracks smart phones and other Internet-capable computing devices as they move through a store....
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Increase engagement, sales and loyalty with mobile rich media

There is no doubt that mobile marketer’s key objectives always include increasing consumer engagement, sales and loyalty. To achieve these goals, they use mobile advertising to build relationships with consumers and engage them by asking them to do...
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How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact the Customer Service

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3 Push Notification Strategies to Increase App Engagement

There are many forms of engagement through push notifications. Try one or more from the following based on your app and its customers: 1. Getting users back. Customer retention is an important metric when tracking traction for your app. The way to bring...
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4 Ways Mobile Apps Can Improve Customer Service

With mobile technology available today through apps and mobile websites, customers can now access information & receive excellent customer service faster than ever. Businesses live and die by their customer service – if you don’t have the right...
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Mobile Devices empower today’s shoppers in-store and online

With 2012 marking the first holiday shopping season where the majority of mobile subscribers own smartphones, today’s shoppers are better equipped than ever to find the best deals and get feedback about products on their shopping lists—anytime, anywhere....
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