Customer Engagement

Start Your Scheduled Marketing Campaigns based on Customer Location and Preference.

Build Customer Loyalty & Measure Engagement!

Location Analytics Implementation

Customer Engagement Features

Sending Push Notifications as is easy as…1,2,3 !

Push Notifications are the best way to develop a valuable relationship with your customers, keep them engaged, and grow your business. Just decide who you want to target, what you want to say, and where and when it should be sent. It’s simple, convenient, and automatic.

Location Analytics Implementation

Customer Engagement Benefits

Location Analytics Implementation

Mobile App Integration

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

Just drag and drop our SDK in your project, and you are ready to go. Available for both iOS and Android.

Mobile app development

Mobile APP

We are creating amazing apps for our clients every day, through flawless engineering coupled with our ability to create rich user experiences. We look forward to create an equally amazing app for you!

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