How to build an enduring customer relationship through mobile

As consumers continue to adopt various types of digital media, it is imperative that marketers take an analytical approach to incorporating mobile marketing into their customer strategies.

Consumer data and analytics should be at the core of aligning consumer behavior, habits, purchasing behavior and preferences into valuable marketing insights.

The insights enable brands to develop customer segments that establish customer value.

Using these segments, the brand will be able to make logical decisions on how each marketing channel and medium should be used to effectively communicate to individual consumers with the right type of message at the right time.

As this process evolves and becomes more refined, brands also have the ability to develop an ROI model to show the success for each of these initiatives.
SMS is at the tip of the arrow of how to acquire and engage consumers through mobile marketing.

I have found that SMS and push notifications can be used to enable many other marketing tactics that help complete the customer journey.
In order to provide sustainable results, the mobile database needs to be able to leverage the brand’s CRM data in real-time.

Once integration has occurred, an analytics team can identify how to enhance the mobile program through a multichannel approach.
This process provides a single view of the consumer, enabling value-based profiling and segmentation.
A contact strategy that is more personal and pertinent and establishes a meaningful relationship with the consumer should be the pillar of any mobile strategy. marketing into their customer strategies.

Bruce Hershey


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