Increase engagement, sales and loyalty with mobile rich media

There is no doubt that mobile marketer’s key objectives always include increasing consumer engagement, sales and loyalty.

To achieve these goals, they use mobile advertising to build relationships with consumers and engage them by asking them to do something specific – browse through products and shops, find a store nearby, get a coupon or book a test drive.

Make your ads location-aware.

However global, all business is local business.

To drive purchases, leverage the user’s location to direct them to the nearest store and offer products that are relevant for where they live or work.
Store locator is a simple and effective way to get users to start shopping.

When communicated clearly, more than 10 percent of users will search for the local store within the ad.

For ticket sales, location awareness can be even more effective – up to 15 percent of users will look for tickets for their local theater, music show or sports event.

Matevž Klanjšek

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