In-Store Location Analytics

Actionable Insights with a Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time location traffic reports allow store management to make time sensitive decision to enhance customer service and operations.

Location Analytics Implementation
Location Analytics

Main Features

Real Time Visibility

Monitor store performance in real time and effectively react to enhance leads conversion rate.


Compare locations performance across multiple visibility channels.

Labor Integration

Optimize your staffing needs to the busiest days of the week, day parts, and areas.

Merchandising Heat Map

Optimize product placement with a deep analysis of Exposure and Stopping Power of the product.

Marketing Campaigns

Measure campaigns effectiveness at each location. Measure campaigns ROI and loyalty conversion rate.

Operations Assessment

Improve shopping experience with seamless analysis on customer behavior.


Evaluate operations, marketing and merchandising efforts by determining trends at each location.

Store Design

Create customer-centric floor plans by understanding customers’ paths and optimizing store layout.

People Counting

Compare in-front of the store traffic vs. customer walk-ins.

Dwell Time

Find out how long your customers are dwelling in key location areas.

Customer Grouping

Discover how many of your customers are Engaged Shoppers vs. Bounced Shoppers.

Customer Retention

Measure “regular, returned and first timers” customers.

Levels of Management and Visibility

Location Analytics Implementation

Installation is Simple!

Location Analytics Implementation

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