MCC has customized industry solutions for Car Dealerships that provide real time “big data” analytics at their locations. Obtaining information about visiting customers and their ongoing vehicle search, provides new opportunity for direct marketing campaigns. Offering our Customer Engagement Applications will improve their shopping experience and increase your retention rates.

    Location Analytics & Customer Engagement:

    • Visitor Trend Reports & Analysis
    • Customer Acquisition Reports
    • Improve Acquisition Reports
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Push Notifications
    • Loyalty Campaigns

    Average auto shopper in US visits 1.6 dealerships in recent years before making a new car purchase, vs. 5 times ten years ago. This is driven by the fact that in 2013 there were 71% (up by 30% from 2012) auto shoppers that do online research via smart phone or an App.
    More importantly, 63% of auto shoppers researched and shopped online while at a dealership. Therefore, making real time decisions about which vehicle to buy, how much to pay, which dealer to do business with, and making “showrooming” the new reality of car sales. The Mobile Content actions while on the dealer lot: Price & Offers 51%; Inventory 29%; Reviews 17%; Advice 16%.
    –, Placed.
    • Location Analytics:

      MCC provides customized Car Dealerships analytics through, index reports, dashboards, and detailed trend analysis. Obtain measurable information for the decision making process to support the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, staff performance, car display, customer retention, and competitive analysis.

    • Customer Engagement:

      Promoting your vehicles through push notification becomes much more effective when it is based on customer’s mobile location. Loyalty programs are tailored to walk-by visitors based on their profile and preferences. It also allows your visitors to obtain information about featured vehicles with options for two-way conversation. As a result, you are improving shopping experience at the dealership, increasing customer retention and attracting new visitors.

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