MCC has customized solutions that provide real time “big data” analytics for Neighbourhood Communities and their locations. More importantly, it encourages all visitors to supporting local business.

  • Seasonality trends of each business area
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of anchor stores
  • Measure the success of community events
  • Engage visitors through social media
  • Navigate through the neighbourhood
  • Attract new and return customers

Running a business within a community means so much more than the success of the bottom line, it is about being connected with the neighborhood, with those who live and work around you, with the needs and successes of the many individuals who strive to make their society a better place.
– Metroland Media
  • Location Analytics:

    MCC provides customized neighbourhood analytics through dashboards, index reports, and detailed trend analysis. Obtain measurable information for the decision making process to support ROI calculation, advertising space, business demand, and the impact of community festivals or promotional event.

  • Customer Engagement:

    Promoting local business is now easier then ever before. Loyalty programs and notifications are tailored to walk-by visitors and are specific to customers’ Mobile Location. It allows for all local businesses to work as one in effort to promote and retain visitors in their neighborhood. Engaging your visitors through social media provides information about the visitors and their shopping preferences. Our mobile application provides seamless customer experience by navigating through the neighborhood, as local stores present their loyalty programs.

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