MCC has customized solutions for educational institutions that provide highly accountable analytics for schools.  MCC is positioned to offer a complete solution that will track students and visitors in the school and on the school grounds. It helps develop healthier relationships between students and their schools, while helping drive an institution’s competitive strength, so long as they embrace it.

  • HR employee management
  • School bus tracking system
  • Track Student Attendance Report
  • Homework reminders through push notifications
  • Inform students of class cancellations and weather delays in a timely manner

We know that Safety of the students is of the utmost concern for parents. Our School Bus Tracking system will give you peace of mind that your child has arrived at the school on time. With our attendance reports, you can actually know if your student is in class or not. And our Marks report will make you aware of your child’s academics and let you know how well they are doing in school.
  • Location Analytics:

    MCC provides unique solutions based on institution needs. Teachers can obtain measurable information of student participation in form of Student Participation reports and Dwell time reports. Peak time reports are also available to find out maximum amount of students at a particular time. MCC also has user friendly reports for HR employee management and School bus tracking. As a result, you are providing teachers the essential feedback that they require to better understand their students.

  • Student Participation :

    Teachers who foster positive relationships with their students create classroom environments more conducive to learning and meet students’ developmental, emotional and academic needs. As a result the quality of teacher-student relationships has a long-lasting positive impact. Push Notification through an application to parents notify the arrival of School Bus at the pickup/drop point. Using mobile application and Push Notifications by professors, students will never miss out on assignments and project deadlines. Moreover, parents will have the security and will be notified of arrival of school bus at the stop as well as any weather delays.

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