MCC has customized industry solutions for Restaurants, Bars and Coffee Shops that provide real time “big data” analytics for your locations. Execute Direct Marketing campaigns based on Mobile Locations of your visitors and offer Loyalty Rewards Programs based on their profiles.

  • Visitor trend analysis for each location
  • Improve walk-in conversion rates
  • Provide menu features to walk-by visitors
  • Engage visitors through social media
  • Attract new and returning customers

According to the “Telmetrics-xAd” research about Smartphone users:
• 95% conduct restaurant searches
• 64% restaurant searchers convert “immediately or within an hour”
• 60% had no particular place in mind upon embarking on their research
• 70% percent of total time spent with restaurant content on mobile devices took place within a mobile app
Key reasons among mobile users for choosing a particular restaurant:
65% Location or proximity; 48% Price; 27% Good reviews.
  • Location Analytics:

    MCC provides customized analytics through, index reports, dashboards, and detailed trend analysis. Obtain measurable information for the decision making process to support the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, staff performance, window display, customer retention, and competitive analysis.

  • Customer Engagement:

    Promoting your location through push notification becomes much more effective when it is based on customer’s mobile location and it will significantly improve your walk-in conversion. Loyalty programs are tailored to customer profiles and preferences to increase the retention rates. Our application also allows the neighbourhood traffic to obtain information about featured products and supports social media engagement. As a result, your location can improve customer experience and allow for new growth potentials.

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