MCC has customized Retail solutions that provide highly accountable analytics for individual business locations and large chains. The benefits grow even further through our Customer Engagement solutions that drive business to your stores.

  • Campaign effectiveness analysis
  • Complete shopper funnel
  • Customer grouping trends
  • Multiple location planning
  • Improve customer experience
  • Attract new and return customers

An average shopper spends 15-35 min in the store and only 20-30% will buy something. This leaves 70-80% of your customers that you know nothing about
  • Location Analytics:

    MCC provides customized retail analytics through dashboards, index reports, and detailed trend analysis. Obtain measurable information for the decision making process to evaluate window and product displays, advertising space, staffing optimization, and the impact of promotional campaigns.

  • Customer Engagement:

    Drive more business to your store by executing tailored promotions based on your customers’ needs. Loyalty programs can now reach out to walk-by traffic, and push notifications are specific to their Mobile Location. Improve conversion rates by providing information on products that are specific to their shopping interests, and navigate through the store to archive more seamless customer experience. Learn more about all visitors through social media channels to provide solutions based on customer expectations.

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